Beasiswa sampoerna Foundation dan PT. Rio Tinto Indonesia

PT. Rio Tinto Indonesia in collaboration with Sampoerna Foundation
provides one (1) qualified individual with the opportunity to pursue a
Master’s degree in Science, Social Science or Commerce at the University
of New South Wales (UNSW), Australia.

Upon completing the program, scholar is under a (n+1) binding program
with PT. Rio Tinto Indonesia, where n = the number of years receiving
the scholarship grant. The scholar must apply their knowledge and
contribute significantly to PT. Rio Tinto Indonesia for (n+1) year.

Application deadline is January 30, 2009.

Basic Eligibility-—>>> see Detail

3 thoughts on “Beasiswa sampoerna Foundation dan PT. Rio Tinto Indonesia

  1. This is a great chance and I want to study in Australia because I wanna learn abaout that country. New things especially.So, after i back from there I can applicate it in my beloved country. From Hendry (Hp.085261395088).

  2. i really think that this will be a great opportunity, actually interest in studying for my next level degree. Studying in Australia will improve my knowledge. And when i came back from there, i’ll bring some positive ideas for my country. From: Indra Winarta

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