How an Addict knows the time has come? ( to enter drug rehabilitation)

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There are signs that say it is time for rehab, time to enter drug treatment or alcohol rehab or alcohol treatment. Unfortunately, few addicts notice these and when they do, they often fail to acknowledge them. Addiction is a strong opponent, often taking priority over doing that which, deep in our hearts, we know we ought to do. Even with family and friends begging their loved one to get help for themselves before it is too late, addicts often do not want to admit they need the help or fear the change that will come and all that is included with it. For recovery to succeed, an addict has to be ready to get help, starting with acknowledging that there is a problem in the first place.

Now, anyone can read a book or listen to a program or counselor’s tips on when an addict will know it is time for them to head off to rehab. Opinions will vary, and the truth is, an addict is ready when he or she decides they are ready. However, for an addict or loved one trying to make sense of the signs, there is no better way, other than gut instinct, of truly figuring out if the time for rehab has come than to take it from someone who has been there, done it and knows the situation firsthand.

This is not an all inclusive list. However, these are signs that should make that read flag rise right up the pole.

*You spend all morning praying to the God of Bowl, only to crawl out of the bathroom, searching for that bottle of booze.

*You have admitted to yourself and others that you do not like the taste of alcohol, yet you still drink it.

*Going to work, caring for your family, paying the bills… all those priorities of everyday living are not as important as drugs, booze and sleeping it off.

*You spend all your money to feed your habit.

*You’re stealing or participating in other criminal activity to feed your habit.

*You are about to partake of a substance when you groan internally, thinking “What am I doing?”or “Why am I doing this?”

*You hate your life. Period.

*Drugs and alcohol seem to control your every thought and action, and a lot of people don;t seem to like who you have become.

*Your friends and family stage an intervention. Listen to them. They love you and they care. They’re asking you to get help, for your own good, before it is too late. They are probably right.

* You can’t hold down a job. You can’t seem to keep a place to live for very long before having to move again. You are in trouble with the law.

*Your child or spouse cries, begging you to do something to stop the insanity.
* Your child thinks drugs and alcohol are cool, or gets into your stash.

There are plenty more signs, but any of these are good enough reasons to get on the ball and let rehab change your life forever

this post taken from alcohol treatment center :

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