Lowongan Kerja Pertambangan di PT. KPC

(Fixed Term position)

• Bachelor Degree (S1) in Environmental sciences.
• Minimum 5 years experience in Environmental management.
• Data management and analysis skills.
• Coordination skills with other relevant parties.
• Understanding of government regulations on environmental managements.
• Assertiveness and interpersonal skills.

(Fixed Term Position)

• Graduate Geology (S1) from a recognized tertiary Institution with 3 years experiences in geology exploration / mining.
• Good understanding of the quality and properties of the coal.
• Extensive software skills such as MS Project, MS Access and MS Excel.
• Have driving license – SIM A and off road driving experience.
• Good Interpersonal and Communications skills in booth Bahasa Indonesia and English.
• Common sense basic bush/jungle survival skills.

(Fixed Term position)

• Bachelor Degree (S1) in Mining Engineering.
• Extensive experience and proven skills in mine planning tools and field experience, or in associated high level long term planning roles. As a guide, three (3) years plus experience should be used.
• Excellent skills in computing and data analysis programmers.
• Having experience in using MINEX software.

• S1 degree in Human Resource Management/Psychology/English Language/Communications or other related disciplines with minimum 3 years’ relevant experience.
• Advanced presentation and facilitation skills.
• Proven coaching and mentoring skills.
• Comprehensive knowledge of training management, adult learning principles, creative learning techniques, and the use of technology in learning.
• Sound understanding of the KPC HR Policies (KSDM) and the KPC Competency Management System.
• Strong time management, teamwork and achievement orientation competencies.
• Excellent interpersonal skills to deal with KPC senior staff and external training providers.

• Bachelor Degree (S1) in Mining Engineering.
• Extensive experience and proven skills in mine planning tools and field experience, or in associated high level long term planning roles. As a guide, three (3) years plus experience should be used.
• Excellent skills in computing and data analysis programmers.
• Having experience in using MINEX software.

(Fixed Term Position)

• S1 Degree in Chemistry, Chemical Engineering, Industrial Engineering, Electrical Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, or Physics.
• Min 3 years’ experience in Power Plant Operations.
• Sound problem solving and decision making competencies.
• Leadership, communication and interpersonal skills to influence and deal with a diverse range of personnel.
• Sound project management competency.
• Detailed knowledge of KPC policies, procedures and government regulations impacting the construction projects.
• Financial skills to handle project and budget responsibilities.
• Excellent written and oral communication. Skills in both English and Indonesian, to liaise with internal and external contacts.

(Fixed Term Position)

• Tertiary education in Mechanical Engineering from a reputable university.
• As a guide, a minimum of 3 years’ experience in construction project and/or bulk handling and/or mining environment.
• Comprehensive understanding and experience in implementing Project Management Body of Knowledge (PMBOK).
• Detailed understanding of mining industry.
• Good knowledge in Mechanical Standards and Codes.
• Excellent communication and interpersonal skills.
• Strong concerns for HSES.

(Fixed Term Position)

• D3 in Electrical with 6 years plus related experiences or Technical senior High School majoring in Electrical with 10 years plus of related experiences.
• Have attended training courses on Blue Print Reading, CPR, Instrument, PLC, PUIL (General Regulation of Electrical Installation) issued by PLN (State-owned company for electricity), Tagging Procedure, and Control Schemes.
• Knowledge with National & International Electrical Standards.
• Able to implement KPC standard safety procedures.
• Able to solve problems and give quick response.
• Understand Project Management tools and techniques.
• Ability to work with a diverse team of professionals and equipment/plant operators.
• Possess Driver’s License.
• English competency for reading manuals (level 3).

(Fixed Term Position)

• S1 Degree in majority of Graphic Design with minimum 3 year experience in Desktop Publishing.
• Strong time management, teamwork and achievement orientation competencies.
• Excellent interpersonal skills in design graphic.
• Proven skills in writing news articles.
• Skills in operating still-picture and video cameras.

(Fixed Term Position)

• Minimum Diploma 3 Civil with 3 years’ experience or High School (preferably Engineering/STM) with 7 years experiences.
• Experience in computerized drafting system.
• Familiar to operate AutoCAD & AutoCAD 3D Civil, Experience in designing and drafting building, structure, piping, earthwork.
• Diligent, meticulous and patient.

Please send your application with a comprehensive CV (include Salary Expectation) and a recent photograph, within 2 weeks after this advertising published with email address:

Only short-listed candidates will be contacted for further selection process


Lowongan kerja Pertambangan batubara di PT KALTIM PRIMA COAL (PT KPC)




(Permanent Position)

• University/college degree with 5 years experiences in the areas of purchasing, inventory control, warehouse and logistic.
• Having knowledge of purchasing, custom, logistic warehousing principles and market places.
• Good analytical and numerical skills.
• Good planner, good people skills and organizing skills.
• Able to work under pressure and possess creative thinking.
• Possess qualification in Supply Chain areas from reputable organization such as Charter Institute of Purchasing and Supply or other international organization will be an advantage.

(Permanent Position)

• Degree in Human Resources Management, Psychology, Education or other related fields with a minimum of 3 years relevant in training and/ or human resource development.
• Strong facilitation and presentation skills to conduct Leadership and Management Training programs.
• Knowledge of principles and current approaches to General Training and adult education techniques.
• Fluent communication skills in both English and Bahasa Indonesia.
• Excellent relationship management, time management, analytical thinking and problem solving skills.

(Permanent Position)

• Minimum S1 – Mining or Engineering with 2 year experience as Contract Specialist / Contract Engineer if preferable.
• Extensive Knowledge of prevailing laws and regulations, especially those related to commercial activities.
• Strong analytical, negotiation and problem solving skills.
• Having national or international certification in Supply Chain/ Procurement.
• Ability to formulate contract documents and ability to interpret contract documents. Understanding supply chain management and continuous improvement techniques to improve it.

(Permanent Position)

• S1 graduate mining, geologist or metallurgical engineering with 1 – 2 years experience working in a coal quality environment.
• Lateral thinking and problem solving skills are essential to achieve the production and quality targets.
• Recognise and understand coal quality and standards to analyse coal, for example ISO, ASTM, etc.
• Possess numerical skill (working with numbers); able to collect and analyse data of coal quality, and monitor the implementation of the plan.
• Recognise and understand each specification that relates to coal quality required by each buyer in the contract.
• Able to negotiate, possess managerial skill.

(Permanent Position)

• S1 qualification in Mechanical Engineering from a reputable university with 2 – 3 years experience.
• Project & Contract Management skills.——>>>> SELENGKAPNYA

Daftar Gaji PNS, Ini dia daftar Gaji Pegawai negeri Sipil!

salah satu sudt Kab. magetan, photo dari sini

JAKARTA – Pendaftaran tes calon pegawai negeri sipil (CPNS) 2014 sepenuhnya dilakukan secara online. Sebelum mencoba peruntungan pada seleksi ini, ada baiknya Anda melihat daftar gaji PNS.

Mereka yang menjadi pegawai negeri sipil kerap beralasan ingin merasakan “safety” atau jaminan keamanan. Tunjangan dan fasilitas yang didapat para abdi negara pun mendorong banyak warga Indonesia turut mengikuti tes CPNS. 

Besaran gaji PNS belum bisa diketahui untuk 2014, namun ada rencana pemerintah akan menaikkan nominalnya. Sebagai perbandingan, gaji PNS 2013 bisa dijadikan acuan sementara. Bedasarkan data publikasi PP No 22 Tahun 2013 Tentang Peraturan Besaran Gaji Pokok PNS 2013, daftar Gaji PNS golongan I sampai IV adalah: 

Golongan I

Golongan Ia
– Masa Kerja golongan/MKG 0 (terendah) Rp1.323.000.
– Masa Kerja golongan/MKG 26 (tertinggi) Rp1.979.900.

Golongan Ib
– Masa Kerja golongan/MKG 3 (terendah) Rp1.444.800.
– Masa Kerja golongan/MKG 27 (tertinggi) Rp2.096.100.

Golongan Ic
– Masa kerja golongan/MKG 3 (terendah) Rp1.505.900.
– Masa kerja golongan/MKG 27 (tertinggi) Rp2.184.000.

Golongan Id
– Masa kerja golongan/MKG 3 (terendah) Rp1.569.600.
– Masa kerja golongan/MKG 27 (tertinggi) Rp2.277.200.

Golongan II

Golongan IIa
– Masa kerja golongan/MKG 0 (terendah) Rp1.714.100.
– Masa kerja golongan/MKG 33 (tertinggi) Rp2.859.500.

Golongan IIb
– Masa kerja golongan/MKG 3 (terendah) Rp1.871.900.
– Masa kerja golongan/MKG 33 (tertinggi) Rp2.980.500.

Golongan IIc
– Masa kerja golongan/MKG 0 (terendah) Rp1.951.100.
– Masa kerja golongan/MKG 0 (tertinggi) Rp.3.106.000.

Golongan IId
– Masa kerja golongan/MKG 0 (terendah) Rp2.033.600.
– Masa kerja golongan/MKG 0 (tertinggi) Rp3.238.000.

Golongan III

Golongan IIIa
– Masa kerja golongan/MKG 32 (tertinggi) Rp3.590.900.

Golongan IIIb
– Masa kerja golongan/MKG 32 (tertinggi) Rp3.742.800. ——>>>>>> selengkapnya

Lowongan migas di Pertamina, 6 posisi, exp. Juni 2014


Legal Counsel – Junior Legal Counsel Conflict & Dispute ( LEGALC1402 )

Job Description
1. Bertanggung jawab dan melaksanakan pekerjaan terkait manajemen konflik dan litigasi, civil, dan International disputes.
2. Menyiapkan dan menyusun dokumen sehubungan dengan pembuatan Legal advice yang terkait bisnis dan operasional untuk kepentingan Pertamina.
3. Melaksanakan pendokumentasian, baik mengenai penanganan perkara maupun penyimpanan dokumen litigasi dengan baik, sistematis dan mudah diakses.
4. Menganalisis data atau fakta-fakta di lapangan terkait pembuatan syarat untuk pengadaan jasa hukum eksternal sesuai dengan lingkup fungsi Legal Counsel. Mengevaluasi pembuatan Surat Kuasa sesuai dengan kepentingannya.
7. Berkoordinasi dengan jasa hukum eksternal dalam menjalankan aktivitas sesuai dengan yang diperjanjikan dalam kontrak kerjasama. —->>> Selegkapnya baca


Harga Bahan Bangunan 2014 dan harga satuan pekerjaan sipil 2014 dan harga borongan pekerjaan bangunan 2014

Harga Bahan Bangunan 2014 dan harga satuan pekerjaan sipil 2014 dan harga borongan pekerjaan bangunan 2014

Bagi anda yang saat ini memerlukan hara harga bahan bangunan dan harga material bangunan , atau daftar harga bahan bangunan dan harga harga borongan pekerjaan bangunan, info dari blog hargahargabanhanbangunan ini bisa disimak dan dijadikan sedikit pertimbangan.
Oh ya , untuk januari 2014, ada kenaikan harga semen berkisar antara 500-1000 rupiah per zak.
Harga Borongan Pekerjaan Bangunan mempunyai standart harga yang berbeda – beda tiap daerah. Berikut daftar harga borongan pekerjaan bangunan di tahun 2014 untuk di area Jakarta saat ini —->>> baca Selengkapnya disini

Update Hasil Pengumuman tes CPNS 2013 BKN

Pengumuman hasil tes CPNS dipastikan pada hari Selasa tanggal 24 Desember 2013. Peserta tes bisa melihat pengpengumun di situs resmi Kemenpan-RB, Badan Kepegawaian Negara (BKN), dan JPNN.com sebagai media partner. Pengumuman CPNS juga bisa didapat koran-koran Jawa Pos Group di masing-masing provinsi.
Melalui blog ini admin akan berusaha menginformasikan hasil kelulusan CPNS, terutama sebagai file cadangan (mirror) ketika situs K/L sulit dibuka karena overload.

Pengumuan untuk CPNS pelamar umum yang menggunakan LJK (Lembar Jawaban Komputer) dapat dicek nilainya di situs dibawah ini (pilih salah satu). Ingat ini hanya pengumuman nilai TKD saja, penetapan kelulusan tetap di tangan pejabat pembina kepegawaian (PPK) instansi.

  1. http://cpns1.menpan.go.id/
  2. http://cpns2.menpan.go.id/
  3. http://cpns3.menpan.go.id/
  4. http://cpns4.menpan.go.id/
  5. http://cpns5.menpan.go.id/
  6. http://cpns6.menpan.go.id/

Empat sehat lima sempurna sudah tak berlaku! Tahukah anda bahwa persepsi anda terhadap susu harus diubah?

Ternyata pendapat saya tentang susu bahwa susu adalah penyempurna makanan kita adalah sudah usang dan tidak terpakai lagi. Jargon 4 sehat 5 sempurna itu sudah ditinggalkan sejak era tahun 90an. digantikan dengan makanan sehat berimbang. Anda pasti tercengang mendengar penuturan pakar dan ahli tentang SUSU SAPI dalam liputan Metro TV dalam acaranya MetroTv 360 .—->>> Lihat Video hasil penelusuran MetroTV di link ini, anda akan terkejut dan segera membuang persepsi anda tentang SUSU —->> Lihat Video

Link Resmi BBM for Android di GooglePlay dirilis hari ini, ini dia link nya

Pagi ini , BBm resmi merilis link di googleplay BBM untuk Android, serta BBM untuk Iphone.

ini email yang saya dapatkan dari BBM pagi ini :

We promised you’d be the first to know when BBM™ for Android™ and iPhone® is available. We’re excited to announce that the rollout has resumed!

Due to incredible demand there is a line-up to start using BBM. But, since you took the time to sign up in advance, we’d like to give you the chance to start using BBM on Android or iPhone right away without having to wait in line.Baca Selengkapnya—–>>>